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I recently had the chance to work with Suplington for my upcoming River On Glass EP, and I can see already that this young producer has a very bright future ahead of him.  I had first encountered his work over a year ago on his soundcloud page.  There’s an intimate and ethereal feeling to his compositions, and that’s what drew me to his material to begin with.  When I had sought out producers to do remixes for this project, I knew I had to seek Suplington out.  I’m a producer first and foremost so I know exactly what I want in terms of sound and Suplington hit the ball right out of the park.

Before we get started with this interview, I’m really interested in your name “Suplington”. Can you tell us a little about it and about yourself as well.

Suplington is a made up word I came up with quite a while ago, so it doesn’t actually mean anything. About me: I’m 18 years old, and I’ve been making music since the summer of 2010.

I really can’t believe that you started producing in summer 2010!  Your work would make me think otherwise.  Tell me what led you to get into production? Do you play any instruments?

Well, my family is very musical. Both my dad and my brother make music, so I’ve always been around music and I guess it was just a matter of time until I got into it myself. As for instruments, I play a little bit on the keyboard.

Is there a scene in your hometown of Watford, England.  Any local influences?

I suppose in a sense, there is. Whilst Watford is not the best town to inspire creativity, there are quite a few creative people all doing their own thing in and around the region. You’ve got Jaggi (My brother) creating usually chilled stuff with his vocals on , there’s Nomad Noise who are making a nice mix of Downtempo, Dubstep & Hip-Hop , and then you’ve also got Late Day Breakers who are making good Alternative Rock . There are a few others as well making good music, so yeah, there’s a decent scene going on.

I like how the atmosphere and drama builds in your tracks, what type of process do you go through when it comes to creating new material?

Thanks! My process tends to just be one of sitting down and just throwing on a loop, even if it something really random like a shaker loop or just a field recording. But just putting anything up definitely helps me get going. Once I’ve got that I’ll usually just start experimenting on the keyboard, looking for some nice chords or what have you. Sometimes I’ll look for a sample first as well, but I try to use samples just for atmospherics like pads, textures and odd noises, instead of melodies or prominent sounds. From that point, it’s just a case of experimentation, trying out different instruments etc. and seeing what fits.

Do you ever revisit older material?

Yeah, I do. My latest track The Monsoon Light is actually an old one that I re-visited so that it was uploadable. That one must have been around for nearly 8 months or so, I never uploaded it as I was saving it for my EP, but in the end I felt it didn’t quite fit in with the other songs, so I took it out. Another song, which is set to be on my EP is a re-visited one as well, I made a loop ages ago and then somehow just forgot about it, and then I was just listening to my old material one day, heard the loop and was like “Oh, this could actually be decent”. So I spent some time trying to turn that loop into a full tune, but this one in particular took a really long time to finish, I could never quite get it as I wanted but I think it’s finally there now after what seemed like hundreds of variations of the song.

The track that got me really checking for your work was “Loud Rain”, do you mind telling me the story of this track? 

Loud Rain By Suplington (Listen Here)

Loud Rain is quite an old tune; it was made pretty quickly as well. I found that drum loop and loved it so I wanted to use that in a song. For me really it was just about creating a song with a heavy beat like that and adding some more classical instruments behind it. I’m a big fan of songs that mix beauty with heavier, dirtier sounds so this was my early attempt at trying to do something like that. The way I make music has changed quite a bit since that song, but I think of all my early material, this one probably has the most credibility as a song. It was definitely a good education for me.


Who are some of your favorite producers? do they inspire or challenge you to try different things with your music?

My favourite producers are people like Bonobo, Emancipator, DJ Shadow, Dday One, and Yppah. They all definitely inspire / influence my music. Just the production techniques and the ability they have always impresses me and I’ve learnt different things from all of them and their music. There are a lot of other producers and musicians I admire greatly but if I were to name them all, then the list would take up way too much space!


When I listen to your material, i’m reminded of a multi layered collage.  How would choose to express in words what your trying to convey with your music?

Hmmm, tough question. I’m not sure really, I mean, I always have images in my head when I listen to music, and my music brings up certain images for me, but it’ll be different for everyone so I feel there’s no point in me trying to force my thoughts into someone else’s head. But for a lot of my music, especially the songs that will be on my EP, I do often have the image of someone wandering dark streets at night alone for some reason, so I guess that kind of feeling of being alone in a place where you are free to contemplate things is what I want to convey, but everyone will see it differently I suppose and that’s what makes it interesting. Not everyone will hear things the same way, and this is a great thing I think.


Where do you see yourself in a year from now in terms of your career as a producer?

I would like to hope that in a year’s time I’ll be working on a full album possibly, and also to have learnt how to DJ in that time. I would love to have a career in music and be in a situation where I can live solely off music, but that is very unlikely. I will try as hard as I can to make it happen though, I don’t want to have any regrets in the future.

(Lateef: Anything is possible, if you can see it you can create it)

Who would you like to work with in the future?

I would love to work with a singer one day, Ruby Wood from the Submotion Orchestra has a great voice, so, someone like that. I’d also like to work with a really good UK rapper.

When you find yourself in periods where your having a slump or just a bad day what do you listen to?

I’ll usually listen to Animal Magic by Bonobo. It’s one of my favourite albums of all time so when I’m struggling for inspiration, I tend to just listen to that.

(Lateef: This kid has good taste)

I know your gearing up to release an ep in 2012, are there any other projects or collaborations that we can look forward to checking out from you in the new year?

Yeah, besides my EP I’m currently working on a project called Ketokan with Sanatan and Jaggi, and we should be getting started on that seriously around February / March time hopefully. I’m also working on a song with Rowan Converse who’s a multi-instrumentalist from America, and that song is nearly finished now and is set to be on his upcoming album. Besides that, I’ve got a few remixes to work on, so I’ll be working on those as well more original material from me!

Before we end this interview, any last words my friend?

Thanks for the interview and shout out to everyone who’s supported my music so far. Also, I gotta shout out to Bob42jh for all of his advice and for putting my music on various compilations of his. Peace & Jazz!

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Be sure to also check for Suplington’s contribution on Nurthice and Lateef Dameer’s upcoming River On Glass EP.


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